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Hello From a New World

July 31, 2016, by , posted in Admin

Spring is here and time for some cleaning, so I cleaned it all up! Complete redesign, complete rewrite (that was a good game) in a very SASSy way.

So whats new? The front end look, obviously, cleaner look, more intuitive feel, and nice animations and transitions. Thats pretty much all you mortals will see.

The backend though is where the fun is at. Now introducing SASS, a CSS pre-processor that allows web designers and developers to create a lot more robust CSS files. By using partials, variables, and combining them all into modules, and then extending or including them where needed – beautiful. This modulation allows for better code readability, testing and re-usability. So future webmaster, whoever you may be, please keep it nice and clean with the foundation I have laid out here for you.

Well I hope you all enjoy your time here, and see your at out next event.

Welcome to Red_Line

November 28, 2014, by , posted in Admin

Good news everyone! I’m done with the site, so go ahead and take a bite. Oh, whats this? I am a poet, and I didn’t even know it!

Hello and welcome, this is your new webmaster jamiejakov speaking. I have been hard at work creating a site fitting for an anime group which is a gathering of all the anime groups. Yo dawg, I heard you like groups, so we made a group for your group so you can ….. Sorry, old meme.

You might be asking: “why?”, “where do I look?”, “whats new?”. Why? Because it’s red. Go and explore there are 5 sections with information about the group, our members (clubs), the sponsors and of course our band. Whats new? well pretty much everything, from the HTML/PHP to the CSS (thats not that much, I know) is all new and custom written.

So without further ado, welcome to the NEW AnimeSydney.