AnimeSydney @ Abbotsford Maid Cafe!

April 11, 2015, by , posted in Events

Welcome to the AnimeSydney@Abbotsford Maid Cafe!

We are proud to present this exciting new project in collaboration with our wonderful sponsors Anime@Abbotsford, happening on the 9th of May.

This event will be your chance to experience a Japanese anime themed maid cafe here in Sydney. With everything from cute maids and stylish butlers to delicious food, you definitely don’t want to miss out on this one-time event.

Reserve your table ASAP as spots are VERY limited, by reserving you will also have the opportunity to order our limited edition Omu Rice on the day.


How to reserve a table:

Please note reservations are NOT confirmed until a confirmation email has been sent back to you confirming your table booking. Confirmation emails can take up to a week, however we will endeavour to respond within the day.

Welcome to Red_Line

November 28, 2014, by , posted in Admin

Good news everyone! I’m done with the site, so go ahead and take a bite. Oh, whats this? I am a poet, and I didn’t even know it!

Hello and welcome, this is your new webmaster jamiejakov speaking. I have been hard at work creating a site fitting for an anime group which is a gathering of all the anime groups. Yo dawg, I heard you like groups, so we made a group for your group so you can ….. Sorry, old meme.

You might be asking: “why?”, “where do I look?”, “whats new?”. Why? Because it’s red. Go and explore there are 5 sections with information about the group, our members (clubs), the sponsors and of course our band. Whats new? well pretty much everything, from the HTML/PHP to the CSS (thats not that much, I know) is all new and custom written.

So without further ado, welcome to the NEW AnimeSydney.

Christmas Party 2013

November 30, 2013, by , posted in Band, Events

Another year another Christmas! This year we are gathered together in Manning Bar at the University of Sydney to celebrate this great holiday together, as one anime-loving family. We have people from UNSW, USYD, UTS, Macquarie, and all over UWS.

Food was had, games were played, cosplayers were rewarded with figure and presents were exchanged. It was an amazing night where everyone could spend time with friends, meet some fellow otaku from other clubs and of course participate in numerous events.

One more thing… we had a band preform for us live! And it was no ordinary band, it was our very own AnimeSydney band! Thats right, we have a band. A drummer, guitar, base, keyboard, and vocals gathered together from all around Sydney (and Japan), and you know what? THEY ROCK!

If you missed the action, you can always take a look at the photos from there event. Here are the ones taken by our members from UTS: Flickr.