Anime Christmas party 2015 Review and Photos

December 16, 2015, By , posted in Events

It’s that time of the year again, when it’s the season to be jolly, and eternal summer is upon us. But in the mist of it all, there was AnimeSydney’s annual Christmas party for y’all. We hope everyone had a great time, cause we did!

This yea was a definitely a milestone for AnimeSydney, as we had over 450 people attend the party. This is the largest number we have ever had, and it’s all thanks to you \o/ *hugs*. The UTS Underground and food court were filled with events and entertainment. We had a Smash Bros competition in the lounge, merch table and cosplay photoshoot next to the bar, and a mini christmas tree there as well. Up on stage we had our bands preform some live tunes, then there was trivia and the cosplay parade/competition. In the food court we had a variety of events for people to enjoy: origami at the art table, a giant wall scroll to doodle on, secret santa and a swap table; then gingerman wasabi roulette, the Hearthstone competition, Pokemon competition, W&S competition, some board games here and there and at the end an authentic Japanese shrine, where you could pray to the panda gods, and draw your fortune for the new year.

Big shout out to all the AnimeSydney sponsors, for helping us out with prizes, discounts, merch and other stuff throughout the year, and of course, during the party itself.

Xmas Party-019

Of course we must say thanks to our bands, Hyper Oats and Unikon, for playing some sweet anime tunes whilst we partied! If you liked what you heard, we’d recommend you check our their facebooks: Hyper Oats; Unikon.

We hope you guys enjoyed our trivia too, we heard lots of discussion going on between the teams. Of course congratulations to the lucky winners!

And a big shout out to all you gorgeous cosplayers, it truly made the event feel like we are all in one giant anime with all the characters combined.

Xmas Party-062

And most of all thanks to everyone who came to the party! Whether you came in some awesome cosplay or just dressed up as yourself this whole event couldn’t have been possible without its most important component, its attendees!

So on that note, from everyone at anime@UTS, AnimeUNSW, SUAnime, AnimeMQ and (ACU???) thank you all for coming! Hope you guys all have a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and we’ll see you next year!

All the photos of the event can be viewed on our: