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AnimeSydney About

What is AnimeSydney?

AnimeSydney is the combined efforts of all the anime clubs around the Sydney area, uniting to bring you, the anime fan, the latest and greatest in anime news, Japanese pop culture, socialising in Sydney and all things in-between.

Who is AnimeSydney?

AnimeSydney constitutes all the anime clubs in Sydney, and consists of a combination of all executive committee members in their respective clubs, as well as all supporting sponsors and every single member of AnimeSydney. Any person who enlists in any anime club under AnimeSydney is also a respective member of AnimeSydney.

What do we do?

AnimeSydney works hard to give to their members with much entertainment and provide benefits from being a member. Each respective clubs collaborate with each other to make combined events in order to create social bonds between other anime clubs, and aims to become more than their own unique club. One of our main, and most notable event is the AnimeSydney Christmas Party which is actively involved by all of our members.


If you would like to contact us to find out more about the group, our band or any of our events, feel free to email us at: info@animesydney.org